Monday, October 13, 2008


Here are some of the backgrounds I have been working on. I have decided to just work on the coloring of one BG to get my style set and leave the rest uncolored so I can get all the angles and shots to have correct composition. I am still playing with the idea of having a moving hold on the lines themselves but I still haven't achieved a result I am happy with. Once I get something that I like I will put it up. For these backgrounds I worked a lot with real photos I took. Some stuff was rotoscoped while other items were just drawn in. I really like the look so far but let me know if anything else could be added. The first is the establishing shot of the house where the main character lives. The second and fourth are shots inside the characters bedroom. The third shot is a BG where the letter will fly through on its journey to another band member.

Updated Letter Pixelation

This is a more refined version of how the letter pixelation will look in my thesis. I am still not 100% sure on the color scheme I am going with but I am pretty happy with this look. The only thing that will change is the sky as it will be totally filled in to the edges as it was brought up in class that the current look is distracting. I will re-export the movie sometime later with the sky edit but I wanted to put this up to show the new letter movement. I tried to add some depth by making the letter move into the frame and become smaller as it flys about. If there are any more suggestions for the letter or BG coloring feel free to post some comments.