Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Color Style Cont'd

So this is a kind of final iteration of what I am thinking for the coloring of the BG's in the real world. It is basically all gray and black, which turned out better than I thought it would. If this look gets a positive response I am going to move forward with it and color the rest of the BG's in a similar fashion. It is fairly simple to do and won't take long. Anyways here is the scene for your enjoyment.


sheila said...

I think this looks really good Eric. It will make the paper, animation, and human characters really stand out nicely!

Caitling said...

I love it.... I didn't think I would, but I do. But it's really elegant. ANd it sets us up for a burst of color when the musicians start jamming. Anyway, bravo Eric! I'm really stoked to watch this piece come to together, you have so many interesting and disparate elements weaved together. Kind of like a basket. A basket of awesomeness.

Happy new year and see you in class!