Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Color Tests

For this week the bulk of my time was spent working on color for the backgrounds. I finished up a couple new backgrounds from my schedule but I then spent the rest of the time trying to find colors that worked. I am still unsure whether or not I like these ones I am posting but they are the best of the lot so far and I have done too many to post them all. My main goal in class today will be to work through these and find out what works but any feedback online will also be helpful. The color scheme was pretty muted and on a couple the quality when exporting was not so great but they still give an idea of color look. I colored these in flash and played around with some masks on a couple. Let me know what you think.


Daniela said...

Hi - I like # 2,3 and the last one. I think it's a cool idea (someone in class had) to put a still BW photo in there to see how that looks too. :)

sheila said...

I vote for # 2.